Tips for Maximizing Your Wedding Planner

Everyone knows that planning a modern wedding is a gigantic task. Or, should I say, he gigantic series of tasks!

Over time, we have layered substantially more complexity into the whole wedding process, and gone are the days of a simple church wedding and fellowship hall reception. Even the logistics of those types of events could become a hassle, but today’s weddings have much larger pools of attendants, a whole string of related events to include rehearsal dinners, individual parties for the bride and groom, etc.

How does the average couple make it through their engagement intact after dealing with such a dizzying array of choices and negotiations? Well, one strategy is to link up with an experienced wedding planner and have him or her conduct an initial consultation and then go to work pulling together all the scores of possible resources that can be used.

Outdoor Wedding VenuesThe primary benefit of this is that the future bride and groom don’t have to do an extensive amount of their own research. The wedding planner will go out and find options for wedding venues in Greenville, SC that meet the initial criteria laid out by the couple. That planner will also pull together all the literature and ask all the tough questions of the venue management to determine if there might be a perfect fit. At that point, they will bring everything they found into another meeting with the couple so that decisions can be made in the most organized fashion.

This is an amazing way for a tremendous workload to get accomplished. And it has the added benefit of not putting the engaged couple under the pressure of doing all this legwork themselves.

Here are some of the things you will have to have clarity on in order to steer your wedding planner to find the best possible resources. First and foremost, you will want to have a very clear selection of potential dates to work with. Nothing can be more frustrating for a venue or a planner than to have a wide open date range to work with and constantly encounter trouble trying to get the future bride and groom to nail down a firm date.

It’s also important to have a good idea of how you want the reception to work. Would you like a formal dinner, or a buffet dinner in the tent outside? These are important things to decide before you send your wedding planner out to accumulate information on the options. Time is money, and because you’ll be using a wedding planner to do a substantial amount of work for you, make careful use of their time.